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Our Services

MIGRATORIA offers all immigration services such as residencies, permits, visas, naturalizations and other related services based on our clients’ needs. Please feel free to look for the procedure that you need be helped:

  • Special categories:
    • Housekeeping workers
    • Legal status for students and academics (Citizens of Group III and IV)
    • Legal status for students and academics without need of restricted visa
    • Renewal of the Special Category for Students and Academics
  • Residencies
    • Permanent Residency
      • Residency by special bond
    • Temporary Residency
      • Residency as members of the clergy
      • Residency as corporate executives
      • Residency as scientist or specialized technician
      • Residency for journalists
      • Residency for sports people
      • Residency as investor
      • Residency as retiree
      • Residency as “rentist”
    • Residency Renewal
  • Companies Recognition
    • Established companies
    • Companies to be established
    • companies under a special export regimen
    • outside of special regimen, for export of assets or services
    • Tourism companies
    • Supervised by SUGEF in Costa Rica
    • Multinational
  • Visas
    • Consular visa
    • Business visa
    • Tourist visa
    • Consultation visa
    • Restricted visa as non-resident
    • Multiple visa
    • Visa Renewal
  • Naturalization
    • Naturalization for residents
    • Naturalization for foreigners living legally in Costa Rica for twenty years
    • Naturalization by marriage with Costa Rican
    • Naturalization for older than 25 years of age
    • Others

For general or specif inquiries MIGRATORIA recommended LEGISLATION our documentation section about immigration that may be of your interest.

For any question or request, Contact us, we are glad to help you with our services.

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