Debbie Hernández

Debbie Hernández

Immigration Lawyer
  • Education :
    Master's Degree in International and Transnational Criminal Law
  • Expertise :
    Criminal Law, Immigration Law and Constitutional Law.
  • Time practicing :
    + 9 years
  • WhatsApp :
    +506 61401110

Education and Experience


• Castro Carazo Metropolitan University. Bachelor’s Degree, 2019
• International University of La Rioja, Spain. Master in International and Transnational Criminal Law, ongoing 2024
• MIU City University Miami Continuing Education Course in Leadership, 2024


• Oral and written English
• Conducting trials, hearings and oral hearings
• Handling and legal management of international proceedings
• Media and communications


Trajectory in law firms such as:
• Migratoria LA
• Bufete Aetna
• Consortium Legal
• Bufete Facio & Cañas

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