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We make easier your immigration procedures.

We are a law firm, we have a team of professionals specialized in immigration advice. Our team will assist you your permit, application or renewal of your residence, visa, naturalization and all the immigration services that you or your company require.


Permanent or temporary, for religious, sportsmen, press correspondents, executives.


Consular Visa, Tourist Visa, Artist Visa, Consulted Visa, Restricted Visa, Multiple Visa. Visa Extension


By marriage with a Costa Rican, by Residence or by time of legal permanence.


Recognition of enterprises on Costa Rican soil dedicated to tourism, exports and others.

Experts in Migratory issues

You already have an employment relationship in #Costarica, but need to update your immigration status, let us advise you.

Human Resources Consulting

We help companies to organize the flow of their immigration procedures.

Saves time on paperwork

Optimize your resources, focus your work and production. Migratoria facilitates your procedures.



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Consulting and training for companies

At MIGRATORIA we have a team of Lawyers to advise you and facilitate your immigration status legalization process in Costa Rica

Executive, Representative, Manager, Technical Staff and their dependents

Do you need to process the Temporary Residency of your work team? For Migratoria – LA will be a real pleasure to assist you.

Consult with our team of experts in Immigration Law everything related to the processing of temporary residency for your Human Resources.

  • Affiliation Form
  • Authentication of signatures for processing
  • Certification of photocopies with notary public.
  • Labor Certification of Legal Representatives

Temporary residence for correspondents and staff of news agencies and their dependents

From Migratoria – LA we are prepared to facilitate the immigration procedures of Press correspondents or News Agencies staff.

  • Affiliation Form
  • Proof of consular registration
  • Review or elaboration of employment contract in accordance with the norm.
  • Notary certification of photocopies
  • Proceedings of spouse and children.

Visas for Registered Companies

There is an established procedure for the granting of entry visas requested by companies and institutions registered with the General Directorate of Immigration and Foreigners. With specific regulations for each category to complete the process.

As Migratoria – LA we are in charge of advising and facilitating the procedures to the legal representative of the company or educational institution that intends the entry of the foreign person. With requirements such as:

  • Copies authenticated by notary public.
  • Review of official and complementary documentation
  • Official translation of documents if necessary
  • Letter with request for processing

Register of companies supervised by SUGEF

We facilitate the registration procedures of service or banking companies that must be supervised by SUGEF, SUPEN, SUGEVAL and SUGESEE.

A Migratoria – LA work team, led by specialists in immigration law and related branches, will facilitate the process before the corresponding authorities. Among others:

  • Submission of application for registration
  • Certification of legal status of the company
  • Certified copies
  • Certification or proof from SUGEF

Students, Researchers, Teachers and Volunteers

Teachers or researchers with job offers, volunteer programs with specific projects and funding, university students, exchange students and unaccompanied minors.

For all cases in Migratoria we have the right advice to achieve your goals in the expected time. Ask for our services of:

  • Educational Institution Certification Consultancy
  • Consulting with Volunteer Program Certification
  • Consulting with income certification
  • Authentication of job offers

Temporary residence Investor and dependents

You are making investments in Costa Rica and want to process your Temporary Residency for you and your family.

At Migratoria we are proud to have professionals in Immigration Law who can assist you and facilitate your procedures before the Directorate General of Immigration. Especially if you make investments in:

  • Investment in productive projects or projects of national interest
  • Investment in real estate and movable assets that can be registered
  • Investment in shares or securities
  • Investment in forest plantations


We provide our clients the experience of legalizing their immigration status in Costa Rica.


We are experts in Migratory issues

Whatever type of visa you or your company needs, contact us!

Permanent or Temporary

If you need to process any of them, contact us to help you on your way.


Costa Rican legislation is very clear regarding entry and stay within the territory.


At Migratoria we are proud to accompany you in this process to obtain the citizenship of this beautiful country.

Special Categories

Cross Border Workers, Students and Academics, Domestic Workers and more.

Recognition Companies

All to establish or renew its recognition, its representatives, change its corporate name or merge.

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