Immigration implements immediate attention plan for investors, pensioners and entrepreneurs

6 thousand files will be attended in 3 months

San José, Costa Rica, DGCM, april 2nd, 2024.

Since April 2, 2024, the General Directorate of Immigration and Foreigners, DGCM, began a process of improvement for the benefit of the users of the Foreigners Management, with the objective of resolving the accumulated requests that have been presented by Investors, Annuitants and Entrepreneurs.

The plan includes the compilation of an inventory of all the files pending resolution, in order to guarantee their prompt solution in favor of the users of the migratory services. For the implementation of this Immediate Attention Plan, the staff has been reinforced with the incorporation of five legal professionals and the assignment of extra hours in order to achieve the goal of resolving the totality of the proceedings within a period of three months.

The DGCM expressed that “this sector of foreigners who intend to be legalized in our country, will go through high security filters such as INTERPOL records and other databases that guarantee, among other things, the suitability of applicants for residences as investors, renters and businessmen”.

The DGM added in its statement that “The increase of foreign direct investment in Costa Rica is accompanied by a greater number of applications through which it is intended to materialize these investments, income and entrepreneurship; so it is strategic and necessary for the country to legalize in terms of migration of such persons in Costa Rica”.

The investors that will be subject to this improvement plan are:

  • All those related to the acquisition of real estate or registrable goods, shares, securities, projects of national interest or productive projects, venture capital funds, as well as sustainable tourism infrastructure projects.

The annuitants who will benefit from this Plan are:

  • Those contemplated in Article 82 of Law 8764, related to persons who can prove a monthly income of more than 2,500 dollars. And the businessmen that will also be treated under this intervention modality are those contemplated by Decree 36576-G-COMEX.

The Immediate Attention Plan adopted by the Directorate of Immigration and Alien Affairs will start with the oldest cases until the most recent ones are attended to, within a total of 6,000 active files, which are intended to be resolved in the next three months.

“I congratulate the effort carried out by the Directorate General of Immigration in favor of its users. Efficiency in public immigration services is the best way to bring more Costa Rica to the world and more of the world to Costa Rica”.

Mario Zamora, Minister of Security, with the surcharge of the Ministry of the Interior
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